Welcome to Brock House Software


I am Alan Burgess, a software developer for many years. Listed below are some of my private projects that I have worked on, either by myself, or in collaboration with others.

Satellite Orbit Simulator – sos-orbital-mechanics.com

This software is a tool to learn the fundamentals of orbital mechanics and space mission design. Please go to its main website for more information.

Transitioning from LEO to GSO using an Ion drive engine

Family Album

This is a tool to display your family photos in an interactive way. It allows information to be stored in the photos that is then used to present the photos in many ways. See the Family Album page for more info.

Pretty Funky

This a tool that is an alternative to using spreadsheets. Rather than being cell based, it is object based, allowing you to define data-sources and functions to act on those sources, producing further sets of data which can be displayed, published, or worked on further.