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  • Allows you to tag people and objects within the photos: These tags are placed by the people or objects on the photo. It does not change the image, just embeds the information into the image file (JPEG) for the application to use.
  • Allows you to find the photos with the people or objects you are interested in: The application uses the tags to find what you want and then just display those photos.
  • The tags are displayed with the information you want to see. A display mode determines the format of the names shown. If you leave your mouse over a name tag, providing the application has the information, it will show you how you are related to this person. The tags can hold information on the following:
    • First Names
    • Last Name
    • Last Name at birth
    • Known As First Name
    • Known As Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Date of Death
  • A dictionary of people and families is kept and maintained for the album: There is no need to type the same information in for the same person on two or more different photos.
  • The dictionary of people and families can be created and updated by using information from a GEDCOM file: A GEDCOM (.ged) file is used to transfer genealogical (family trees) information. A dictionary of people can be created from this type of file, to be used to create photo tags and relationship information. When importing the people, they can be restricted to a defined number of generations back in time, from the root person. After all, you are unlikely to have photos of your 18th century ancestors! The generation number is also saved with the person, to help identify which “Tom Smith” you want.
  • All data is encrypted: The information that is stored in the image files and dictionary files is encrypted and password protected. Please don’t forget the password! Passwords can optionally be saved to your user account, saving the chore of typing in a password each time you use the app. Also, you can choose not to have a password. The files are still encrypted, but anyone can see the data by using the app.
  • Your preferences are saved in a Settings page: So that you don’t need to change things every time you use the app, major settings can be set in the Settings page.

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